Commercial/Contractual Disputes


The Law Offices of Edward Alper can provide legal assistance on a broad spectrum of commercial or contractual matters.

Experienced legal representation will be provided for breach of contract actions, such as where goods are not delivered in accordance with the parties’ agreement (if at all), or where services that were contracted for were not provided.  Whether there is a disagreement over the language of an agreement, or a dispute over a construction project; Edward Alper will provide the legal services needed to get results.  Where a client has been the victim of fraud, such as where one relies to his or her detriment on a false representation, Edward Alper has aggressively pursued a claim of damages due to the fraudulent conduct. 

Finally, where equitable relief has been needed, whether as injunctive relief, to stop objectionable or wrongful conduct, or as specific performance, to compel a party to do something that he is required to do, Mr. Alper has successfully obtained results.